If you find you have poor cell reception on your mobile device, the museum provides free WiFi access to its visitors. The WiFi password is WillowGlen1

The web site https://coarsegoldhistoricalsociety.com is the main web site for the Coarsegold Historical Society. It can be reached by using the menu item “CHS Website”.

This web site https://coarsegoldmuseum.com is used to assist you with your visit here at the museum by the use of QRcodes.

The QRcodes are the small squiggly boxes you will find next to doors, display cases, or exhibits. You can use your camera on a mobile device to read the QRcode. It will open a web page on your device that has an audio description along with written information on the display.

You can also use your computer, cell phone or other mobile devices to browse these web pages and virtually view and listen to information about the displays you will find at the museum. It is highly recommended to visit the museum in person, there is a lot more information that can be viewed about the individual exhibits than presented here in this website. Docents are also normally available to give tours of the museum for that personal touch.

However, If you find you would rather walk through at your leisure and listen or read the information on a mobile device, this web site is available to help assist with your tour. Enjoy your visit to the museum